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My name is Malinda, I am 29-years-of-age and I am the mother of two beautiful girls, Aniyah (age 9) and Brooke-Lynn (age 8). I decided to start a blog because I feel like I have lots to say lol. Most bloggers start because they want to discuss specific topics, me? I want to talk about everything under the sun! Whether it may be about relationships, religion, school/education, work/career/business, money, family, friends, food/restaurants, etc. Every second of every day my mind runs, most times not about anything in particular. I never really had anyone to talk to, vent to about things I think about or to experience new things with. I guess this is my way of doing that and what better way to share it with the world. Every day, maybe even several times a day I will post. From this, I am hoping to not only share my experiences but help people with advice, reviews, commonalities and maybe even a world of friends.
Peace & Blessings. 



Quote of the day

“Life is too short! Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should and Let go of what you cannot change”


People make relationships harder than what they have to be. These days no one can be loyal & honest. These days men and women don’t have respect for one another. They definitely don’t respect other peoples relationships. How can one think it’s cool to be a “side piece”? I hear some women brag about taking another womans smh. It’s sad!Everyone likes the idea of having a good relationship instead of ACTUALLY having one.

Random #1

I like to people watch. Whether I am at work, on the bus/train or sitting in the park, I people watch. Body language and facial expressions are a hell of a thing. I find it interesting how you can almost tell what a person may be thinking by the faces they make. Then again people put on a mask and hide everything. The ability to do that is astounding.