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My name is Malinda, I am 29-years-of-age and I am the mother of two beautiful girls, Aniyah (age 9) and Brooke-Lynn (age 8). I decided to start a blog because I feel like I have lots to say lol. Most bloggers start because they want to discuss specific topics, me? I want to talk about everything under the sun! Whether it may be about relationships, religion, school/education, work/career/business, money, family, friends, food/restaurants, etc. Every second of every day my mind runs, most times not about anything in particular. I never really had anyone to talk to, vent to about things I think about or to experience new things with. I guess this is my way of doing that and what better way to share it with the world. Every day, maybe even several times a day I will post. From this, I am hoping to not only share my experiences but help people with advice, reviews, commonalities and maybe even a world of friends.
Peace & Blessings. 



Tyler Perry Plays

So for many years I’ve been watching Tyler Perry plays and movies. Most of the time there are many contradictions within the stories.

For instance:

“Why did I get married” (the play).

The scene when Poppy, Mike and Terry are in the bedroom talking and Mike finds out that Terry cheated on Diana 3 years ago. Poppy states that Terry confessed to Diana that he cheated. He also states that he went to sleep and woke up in the hospital.

Another scene, Diana tells Sheila that Terry cheated on her in the past. She went on to tell the story about she left bible study earlier, saw a parked cars in her driveway, jumped over her neighbors fence and snuck into the back door and saw a woman sitting in Terrys lap. She stated how she pulled out her gun and started shooting, mistakenly shot the woman in the leg.


“Madeas Christmas” (the play)

Madea and aunt Bam show up to the house. China goes to the the door introducing herself. Not knowing who she was Madea and aunt Bam makes fun of her name. Madea and Aunt Bam bust in the door, moment later Magarets children Eric, George and Lucy comes inside. China introduces her whole family. Lucy recognizes John(China’s dad). Madea then asks China if she remembers Eric because they use to be in her basement for hours.

– How could Madea remember China being in her basement for hours with Eric, yet she didn’t known when they first arrived.


“I can do bad all by myself” (the play)

Vianne tells Madea that she hasn’t seen her sister Maylee since her divorce was final. (Making it seem as if she hasn’t seen her in a while). A little later on Vianne states that her divorce was only final for 3 days, so how could her sister and ex husband be engaged for 3 days.

….need I say it?

I can go on and on but I think you get my point. I don’t really care for his movies as much as I do his plays but if he can get these contradictions out it’ll be even better.

He never existed!

I have this conversation pretty often. Most Christians believe that “Jesus” is “God” in the form of a man which makes absolutely no sense to me.

If God is the almighty, all seeing, all knowing and he can say be and it is…then why doesn’t he. This God is so great that he had to get a virgin pregnant “knowing” that it will cause problems between the guy she’s with and her town. Grew up and got a job (carpenter). Performed miracles, including walking on water…as we know is physically impossible. He was sacrificed on a cross…This is the part that gets to me the most! “God” sacrificed his “son”, which is really him, therefore, he sacrificed himself. Which means he killed himself but yet suicide is a sin… So if he sacrificed himself for everyone’s sins, why do we need to pray? I mean he forgave us already…isn’t that the point. THEN, get this! He brought himself back THREE DAYS LATER!! lol OK SO WAIT LOL he killed himself to bring himself back just to come back to earth later on in life. So now a bunch of people are waiting around for this dude to come back, talking about we are living in our last days. In that case we’ve been living in our last days for several hundred years.

Religion itself has done nothing but cripple that black community. Waiting on this Jesus God dude to come back. When things go good we praise God but when things go bad we blame the devil. So we aren’t taking credit for hard work and we’re not taking responsibility when we don’t work hard enough. So question…if I’m looking for a job, I go out and beat the streets handing out my resume and filling out applications then one day a company finally calls me back for an interview. I go to the interview and they loved everything that I said and my personality. A day later the job calls me to offer me the job, is that “Gods” hard work and determination or mine. So if it’s Gods work that means….I’m God!

Blame the victim

A woman goes shopping, she spots a sexy dress and decides to buy it. Wanting to look good for her night out, she gets her hair and nails done too. She gets to the club, having a great time dancing and lightly drinking. A guy walks up to her saying how beautiful she is, she replied thank you not wanting to be rude. They ended up dancing together for two songs then decides to sit at the bar for awhile. Tired and getting late, she’s feels it’s time to go home. The guy stops her asking for her number, she said no because she isn’t looking to date. She stated that she hasn’t been out in while due to work and just wanted to have a little fun. She proceeded to walk away, in a quick sudden move the guy grabbed her arm saying that he wasn’t ready for her to go. Taken aback by his action, she pulled away from him and walked off.

Darkness had overcome the sky…

She walked down a quiet street just a few blocks away from her home. Boom! Everything went black.

She opened her eyes, realizing that she had been hit over the head with a blunt object. Head pounding looking around…where am I she said to herself out loud. From the corner of her eyes she could see a dark shadow…who’s there? She called out to the shadow. You made me do this, the shadow stated. You walked in the club with that dress on, dancing with me, teasing me. He walked out from the darkness, she gasped. Why would you do this to me? All I wanted to do was having fun, she cried out. Fun!, he said, you call teasing me fun! So you just wanted to have fun, he laughed. Ok let’s have fun! No please just let me go, she cried out. He grabbed her hair, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He attempts to pull up her dress, she continuously screamed no. Shut up!, he yells at her flexing his hand to smack her across the face. He pulls up her dress, ripping her panties apart and forced his penis inside of her. Nooooooo! Stop Nooooooo! Please stop!! Nooooooooo!!! She screams at the top of her lungs. He puts his hand over her mouth, attempting to subdue her screams. Roughly he thrust himself in and out of her. Feeling defeated, she decided to lay there until it was over, trying to figure a way out in her head. Finished and satisfied, he stands fixing himself and zipping his pants. Now was that so bad? he asks her. Feeling numb, she couldn’t move. Waking up that morning, never in a million years did she ever see it ending up this way. He throws her a rag telling her to wipe off. You know you wanted this, he stated while grinning. Please let me go, she cried. He said, I’ll let you go but you can’t mention this to anyone, threatening to kill her. She promised that she wouldn’t. After getting herself together, she proceeded to walk out of the door. He stopped her, turning her head towards his giving her a kiss. She ran out. After finally finding her way home, she immediately took off all of her clothes and got in the shower, scrubbing her body for hours until it was red and sore. She wanted to call someone but who? If she did, he’d find and kill her.

My question is… Was this her fault? Should she have chosen a different dress? A different hairstyle perhaps. Maybe she should have gone to a different club. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone out at all. So much for wanting to have fun.

When did it become ok to blame the victim? Many stories are coming out about sexual assault. I hear in passing conversations that the women shouldn’t have put herself in a situation for that to happen. So if a woman wants to be an actress, she has to go through the “casting couch” phase first? She has to be objectified to get a leading role? So because he may have a lot of money and has the power to help in her career, she has to feel and suck on his dick whenever he says so? On one hand, I know if I hear about someone being a perv that’ll definitely make me weary about wanting to work with them. Then again, everything you read and/or hear isn’t true so what are you left to do? So it’ll still be my fault if a producer pulls his dick out when I go to an audition? That doesn’t make any sense! When you put money and power into the wrong hands you’ll end up getting a president grabbing broads by the pussy and no one can or will do anything about it. What do you do when there’s a person who can possibly make or break you, especially when you feel like there are no other options? Have you ever once stopped to think why these men and women wait so long to finally come out and say something. The same reason why a rape victim will wait 20 years to tell a family member or friend. Fear, money, career, life, etc.


Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been to Applebees, have actually been there SEVERAL times before. I have been to different locations as well. This past Saturday, I went to the one Downtown Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave Ext. THE FOOD WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING!!! Usually when I go to Applebees, I’d order the same combinations (steak and shrimp). I don’t know if they hired a different cook or if the old cool spoke to Gordon Ramsey and got a new outlook on food but IT WAS DELICIOUS! Even the spinach and artichoke dip (another usual) was great! The waiter deserves a raise, his name is Alfred. Seems like he had the biggest area to cover that night and dude was handling his business. He had so many tables but he made sure everyone had there food in a timely manner and kept checking up on all his customers (not in an annoying get the fck out of my face let me eat type of way either). Every time he was asked for something he’d say, “I got you” and did what he was asked with a smile on his face. If this dude doesn’t like working there, I sure couldn’t tell. Another girl came out with two plates in her hand walking around asking if they ordered whatever it was on the plate, Alfred went up to her took the plates and said, I got this boo and proceeded to serve the correct table. In my head I was like “YOU GO BOY!!!”

Any time I go to Applebees again, I’m gonna make sure to go to that location and I’m asking to be seated in Alfreds section!

The world we live in

We live in a world where women think it’s cool to be a side chick. Where a man wears a dress and carries a gun AT THE SAME DAMN TIME calling himself a gangsta. Where men are becoming women and women are becoming men in which society is calling this the new norm. We live in a world where a more than qualified Black man with not even one scandal became president and got bashed the whole way through. Then a racist, perverted, self centered, male chauvinistic, illiterate, Russia colluding, grabbing broads by the pussy, white privileged jerk of a celebrity with not even an ounce of political qualification has become president…AND STILL IS PRESIDENT!


When did cheating become an excuse? People often blame cheating on their partners. I’ve heard some people say that they weren’t happy so they found someone else to make them happy. Indeed I get finding someone who makes you happy but not while you’re with someone else. There were times when I wasn’t happy in a relationship but I tried conversing with my mate. I would tell him that I wasn’t happy, I would tell him that this is what I want from them or this is what I need. They are either going to willing to do what it takes to make AND KEEP me happy or that’s not a relationship I need to be in. If that person isn’t willing to make me happy that doesn’t mean stay with them and find someone else….THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

Alot of dudes have come to me saying they want to get to know me and what not. Then found out they were either married or in a serious relationship claiming to not be happy. NOPE NOT ME! I’m not going to condone something like that. Like dude figure your situation out then come back when you’re single…but even then I still don’t want them because the fact that they came to me while attached means that there is a great possibility that they’ll do it to me.

I’ve been cheated on alot and have gotten an excuse every time it happens. I’ve gotten the “I’m not happy” excuse but yet I was doing pretty much everything they wanted. There were times that I didn’t get any excuse at all. My youngest daughter father cheated on me while I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter. He even admitted (in front of his family and friends!) that he actually was cheating on someone with me and cheated on me with someone else. Pretty much he’s just a hoe!

I’ve been unhappy on several of occasions and I never cheated. I always evaluated what was going on or not going to and tried to converse with my partner about. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE TO CHEAT! To me cheating is a copout. GROW THE HELL UP!

Shall We Dance

Shall we dance to the beat of my heart

or move under the sun with a sway of rhythm

Shall we dance to our favorite song

or to the rhymes that kept our love long

Shall we dance under the shadow of trees

or in a quiet park where air blows cool breeze

Shall we dance to the chirping of a humming bird

or to the smooth R&B that plays on tv

Shall we dance

Shall we dance to the beat of my heart, your heart, to a beat

Shall we dance

Shall we dance to my love, your love, to a beat

Shall we dance

1 step

2 step

3 step


1 step

2 step

3 step

1 step….love

Shall we dance